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Your periodontal health is potentially connected to your overall health

A recent study in California finds gum disease patients have a higher risk of developing severe Covid-19 complications that may result in hospitalizations and severe respiratory problems. The new study by Dr. Shervin Molayem, a dental surgeon in California, found that brushing, flossing, and dental cleanings may help protect you from severe symptoms caused by Coronavirus and improve your overall health.

In addition, a German study connecting high levels of IL-6 in critically-ill COVID patients motivated Molayem’s research.

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Visiting a dental office during COVID-19

Going to a dentist or dental specialist is safe and can prevent acute health problems.

Standard guidelines, including sterilization and cleaning procedures, continue taking place, in addition to the new guidelines that allow dentists to treat patients safely.

At Bellaire Periodontics, we have added the use of hypochlorous acid, purification systems, and UV light sterilization to go above and beyond, keeping our patients and team safe.

Patients are neglecting their oral health during the pandemic

Dental offices have reopened, and experts have noticed a lot of mouths are bleeding and need attention.

Numerous studies have shown gum disease causes inflammation and can double the risk of heart disease, which can make you medically compromised and more susceptible to suffer from acute Coronavirus symptoms.

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Studies found that IL-6 releases locally

IL-6, an inflammatory marker, is one of the main contributors to periodontal disease, making patients more susceptible to COVID-19.

Plaque in your mouth and gums causes IL-6 and other inflammatory proteins to release quickly to the lungs and other organs’ lining. When IL-6 reaches a level of 80 and above, this increases the risk of patients being on a ventilator. Not only do Molayem’s study find that gum disease causes high levels of IL-6, but when patients have been infected with COVID-19, they are more likely to suffer severe respiratory problems and hospitalization.

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It is vital to keep ourselves healthy. It is crucial to lower gum inflammation and continue taking precautions.

Take responsibility. Schedule your routine cleanings and keep your gum healthy!

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