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Early Detection Is Your Best Defense

Our skilled Houston periodontist and her team proudly provide comprehensive biopsy services. A gum biopsy is used to test an individual's tissue for any abnormalities and diseases. It is primarily used for the detection of oral cancer, which affects many Americans per year. While hearing the words "oral cancer" may be difficult and frightening, early detection and treatment yield positive results. Bellaire Periodontics is dedicated to providing you with dental care that is effective and tailored to your individual needs.

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Warning Signs of Oral Cancer

Between appointments with your general dentist and your periodontist, it's important to keep close watch over your own oral health. Oral cancer can develop without your knowledge, but if you know what to look out for, you'll be more likely to detect it early on.

Some of the common signs of oral cancer include:

  • Unexplained red or white patches inside the mouth
  • Unexplained sores, which can often be mistaken for cold sores
  • Sores that haven't healed in less than a week
  • Significant numbness and bleeding in the gums
  • As it progresses, some may experience weight loss, ear pain, or difficulty swallowing

Our Houston periodontist is fully trained to spot these warning signs as well, so regular appointments at Bellaire Periodontics can help detect serious diseases.

What to Expect During a Biopsy

The four types of gum biopsies include incisional biopsy, excisional biopsy, percutaneous biopsy, and brush biopsy. At Bellaire Periodontics, a brush biopsy is first performed to gather tissue from problematic areas in your mouth. This non-invasive procedure allows the periodontist to collect a sample to send to the lab. If the results indicate a possibility of dysplasia or cancer, the periodontist will perform an incisional or percutaneous biopsy to confirm any initial findings.

What Are My Options Following a Biopsy?

Following the biopsy, your gums will feel a bit sore, but this will wear off within a few days. If your results confirm oral cancer, then a treatment plan will be developed immediately. Treatment will typically include removal of the malignant tissue, radiation, and possibly chemotherapy. Bellaire Periodontics will walk you through the process, and be there to answer questions and provide support along the way.

To schedule a biopsy with an experienced periodontist, call us at (713) 636-9734.

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