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Periodontal Splinting in Houston

Added Stabilization for Your Teeth

When teeth have become unstable due to a loss of bone structure, periodontal splints can help stabilize the affected areas. Bone loss is often due to periodontal disease, though other factors may contribute to disintegration.

Teeth may become unstable for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Periodontal disease
  • Heavy stress
  • Trauma to the area

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At Bellaire Periodontics, our Houston periodontist and her team offer periodontal splints to help fix this problem. We believe in giving you dental care that places you at the center of your treatment plan by educating you throughout the entire process. Serving the Greater Houston area, Bellaire Periodontics is dedicated to preserving the health and appearance of your smile.

Extracoronal Splints & Intracoronal Splints

The two types of periodontal splints are extracoronal splints and intracoronal splints. Extracoronal splints use a wire or ribbon with a fiber reinforcer to stabilize affected teeth by fastening them together. Variations include using a composite resin to adhere affected teeth together without the use of a wire. In contrast, intracoronal splints are submerged in teeth, making them barely visible. A slot is created on each tooth to allow the wire or ribbon to hide, making it more aesthetically pleasing.

Understanding the Benefits

Periodontal splinting offers many benefits, both practical and aesthetic. By adding splints to unstable teeth, you are delaying tooth loss indefinitely while removing unnecessary stress on the surrounding teeth. Stabilization allows your bite mechanism to work more efficiently, evenly spreading out bite pressure. Furthermore, by adding splints to unstable teeth, you can prevent more serious complications from developing, such as bite collapse. With a variety of dental services, Bellaire Periodontics in Houston can help you avoid such complications in the future.

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